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Michalis and Andri's Engagment Party in Cyprus

On the 20th February during one of my regular visits to Cyprus, I DJ’d at an engagement party for Michalis and Andri.

Ever since Michalis was young he had always said that he want me to DJ for his engagement party.

Problem was this was the first “Official” party for my family in Cyprus. This was making me feel very nervous.

I shouldn’t have been once we got going and the music was playing everyone really enjoyed themselves. So much so that the party continued until 2.00am.

The party went so well that now one of my other nieces in Cyprus has asked that Body and Soul do her engagement party on 7th May. Hopefully these will be followed by 2 weddings for me to DJ at.

Peter with the happy couple and his wife Olga. Cutting the Cake at the engagment party
The Happy couple Dancing at their engagement party.

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